Elite Jr. Golf Academy

The most advanced technological system

Practicing out on the course is the main way to see improvement in your game, but using every tool available to further develop your swing and perception is invaluable for success. At Elite Jr. Golf Academy, we give you the technological tools to supplement training in a way that let's you completely assess technique.

Think Outside The Box

We've incorporated the latest golf technology into our programs to give junior golfers a varied approach to training. By utilizing these methods, you get to watch your swing in real time, fully evaluate how to improve by discussing results with a pro instructor and take your findings to the green with new techniques to improve.

Clubfitting & Equipment Checks

Is your gear helping or hurting how you play? Get to know which clubs and equipment are working in your best interest out on the course. We have the tools to check performance, clubfitting specifications and equipment evaluations.

At Elite Jr. Golf Academy we are constantly looking for ways to advance our programs so our players get the most well-rounded training and experience. By utilizing technology, they get to set goals by analyzing their skills with the help of these digital tools and then knowing exactly where they need to improve and the steps they can take to master them.