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Camps Designed for champions

When you attend one of the acclaimed programs at the Elite Jr. Golf Academy, you become part of a team that not only uplifts and challenges you, but a family that you'll have a blast playing golf with!

Spring Camp

This 5 day camp allows you to play golf on one of the finest courses in Central Florida, where many golf champions have played time and time again. Not only will you receive first-rate training from professionals, but you'll take part in daily fitness geared towards increasing peak physical performance, use the latest technology to analyze your swing and make friends that last a lifetime.

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Summer Camp

This 5 day camp gets you outside in the sun, enjoying all that summer in Central Florida has to offer. You'll train day in and out on a phenomenal course, where you'll work with golf professionals to improve every aspect of your game. Take part in daily activities designed to finetune your physical, mental and competitive edge with fitness, the latest training technology and fun with fellow junior golfers.

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2 Day Intense Golf Program

Experience 2 days of conditioning with a program designed to deliver fast results. Get top-notch instruction from golf professionals while you navigate one of the best courses in Central Florida. You'll work closely with our athletic team to analyze your level of performance and zero in on where you can improve the most. It's a great way to refresh techniques by challenging yourself.

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Per Sessions

Up your athletic development with one-on-one private sessions with a world-class instructor at Elite Jr. Golf Academy. You'll get instruction tailored to fit your needs and sculpt your techniques to reach your full potential. Sessions are held on one of Central Florida's best courses, perfect to gain invaluable experience and practice.

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Where do you want to take your golf career? At Elite Jr. Golf Academy, you'll discover the training and instructor dedication that has helped nurture  champions at the local, national and international level!

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