About EJGA

Our Mission

At the Elite Junior Golf Academy we are fully committed to providing our junior golfers with a personalized educational environment that pushes the technical, mental, strategic and physical boundaries. Our dedication is to your overall success of playing at the highest level while enjoying the game of golf to the best of your potential.

We are proud to offer programs and private lessons that incorporate the latest technological training tools and fitness screenings to give you an unforgettable and educational experience. Our team wants every junior golfer to enjoy the game they love while working hard to reach their goals, whether they hope to play professionally or in college. If you're determined to make your dreams come true, we are here to help you navigate your own personal path to success.

Ken Kim

Co-founder of EJGA ( Elite Junior Golf Academy)
  • TPI certified instructor
  • TPI fitness instructor
  • Titleist club fitted certified
  • CG2 golf launch monitor certified
  • Jr golf mentor
  • USGA Rules
  • Short game specialist
  • Golf swing analyzer
  • Flightscope analyzer
  • Fastfirst golf certified
Golf Ball

June Lee

Co-founder of EJGA ( Elite Junior Golf Academy)
  • PGA of America golf instructor
  • T.P.I golf fitness certified instructor
  • T.P.I Jr coach certified instructor
  • First tee director since 2007
  • USGFT IV master certified instructor
  • Fast-first certified instructor
  • Flightscope X3 certified instructor
  • Titleist club fitter certified
  • Mizuno club fitter certified
  • Qualified Taylor Made assistants pro tournament 2015
  • Jr golf mentor
  • Golf swing analyzer
  • Short game specialist
  • USGTF IV Master instructor
Golf Ball